Races and Chases Leader Boards

If you are already the best and want to better your stakes, you chase. Chase is when you beat your own best scores and level up beyond the competition.

We love winning, and we love to make you win too. Every month we run RAKE races and chases to return maximum cash benefit to our community.

High ranks on the Roller Den’s leader board will earn you our monthly bonuses, in cash and various surprises.

*all these special benefits for Roller Den’s lions only.

RAKE RACE, compete and win more money! 


Participate in the race, and earn extra rakeback, poker cashback and lots of deals for your future games. The top-most players to receive exotic deals and VIP access to bigger opportunities.

Choose your race and win bigger!

  • Check on the winning amounts and bonuses
  • Check for the most coveted positions.
  • What is the duration of the race? The more time you invest bigger the winnings.
  • How big is the race? More affiliates means, bigger winnings and better bonuses.
  • What is your net return on your investments?

HOW to make the best of these Rake Races?

Firstly check what are you playing for? It could be promotional gifts from our partner brands, tournament tickets or even cash. Secondly check on your stakes and how likely are you to win the race, a.k.a. understand what you are up against. Thirdly check if you are playing for the right prize. 

After you have checked the basics also consider…

  • How wide does the leader board pay?  Monthly races are easier to spot and track. 
  • But always keep checking for ‘fortnightly races’ and just a secret sometimes we just have a ‘day race’.
  • These small events can generate you quick cash, so always stay alert! 

How to check all this? 

Quick shortcut : Check how the previous 3 events performed. Just by dividing the total amount raked with the amount returned you will be able to figure the percent return on that particular event. We highly recommend to participate in races that pay higher than 7% returns. 

‘ I promise to be better than yesterday. ‘

If you are already the best and want to better your stakes, you chase. Chase is when you beat your own best scores and level up beyond the competition. 
The better you get, the better the prize value. Standard Rake Chases are for 10% i.e. if you rake 1000$ you get 100$ rakeback. But if you achieve your set target during the chase period you get the lower prize of the two levels. These are more certain as you already know clearly the winning percentage, and the competition is just with yourself, so no worries about the other players.

Is it even required to participate in these Races & Chases?

Well “Hell YEAH!” 

They are FREE to participate, and it is like an open treasure box, you got nothing to lose! We are all players sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but these events can turn around the loss to a profitable month… 

*** always keep an eye for the upcoming events, you might be missing on some exciting deals!

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